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Two weeks in Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany & Denmark. I flew to Erfurt and then went to Leipzig for the overnight to Basel. Made my way to Bern for a day of BLS action and then to Seuzach for a night. Another day on BLS next day, with a morning at Worb for photos and then overnight to Slovenia for New Years day. At Ljubljana I found a new 363 and then afternoon trip to Hodoš with a 664 and to Celje for two nights. Picked up my last 362 next day and another run to Hodoš and back. Next day made my way to Wien and then north overnight to Hannover, up to Hamburg and to Berlin and a 232 on EC45 to Rzepin. Straight back to Berlin and south to Wien and back to Celje for four nights. Next morning I went to Ljubljana and then found out a 664 had been out vice DMU from Maribor to Bleiburg, totally unheard of the use of a hauled train on this line. I got as far as Ožbalt for the second return trip from Prevalje. Next day it was “arranged” for the Prevalje train to run with a 664 again, so got most of the run done this time. Next day was “Avtovlak” and then the usual Sunday run to Hodoš and overnight to München and then up to Ruhr for EN to Denmark. Did ME from Vejle Hamburg and photos at Buchholz and then back to Switzerland for a day. Got nice photos at Steinen, then dinner at Seuzach and back to Berlin for flight home
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