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A week in Spain started with a flight from Bournemouth to Girona and once in Barcelona with the ARCO south to Murcia for a night. Next day it was Altaria to Alcázar de San Juan for the ARCO to Almería for the night. Back out next day with the Talgo to Madrid Chamartín and then another to Burgos for the Diurno to Salamanca. Had a few hours before “Sud Express” to Irún for the southbound Talgo to Madrid via Aranda. We went to Alcázar de San Juan to pick up an Altaria and then joined the Pontevedra portion of the A Coruña overnight. It was then a DMU to A Coruña and my last 333.4 to Medina del Campo for a 269 into Madrid. Overnight north to Santander and then FEVE units to Gijon to pick up 141F-2346 on a PTG steam special over the incredible Pajares mountain route, it finished at La Robla and then bus to Gijón! A FEVE charter next day to Oviedo and then bus to León as RENFE were on strike. Final day was 321.051 on a special to Venta de Baños and then fast bus to Valladolid for flight home
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