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A quickly arranged one week trip to Germany with return of 232 action on the Nürnberg - Dresden services. I flew from East Midlands - Köln and up to Düsseldorf for overnight to Regensburg and then to München. I made a quick trip to Schwindegg to get photos of a “Blue Tiger” and then to Nürnberg for a run to Hof and back for some Kolomna action. Did EN482 to Flensburg and after doing the Flex turns got some photos at Hamburg Harburg. Then EN491 to Regensburg where a found a very rare working of a 218 vice 111 on a RE to Nürnberg! I went with Kolomna power via Plauen to Hof and had rest of day with friend in car taking photos lineside. Plenty of mileage with 232.005 next day on Dresden route, NZ to Stuttgart for 194.579 & V200.002 on special. Then back to Nürnberg and lots more with 232.005, even on the Dresden - Regensburg overnight. After a quick 218 to Cadolzburg it was then north to Köln and flight home
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