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An eight day trip to Slovenia and Croatia started with a flight to a very hot Ljubljana. After difficulty I managed to get my ticket issued and I got hotel for the night. I made a morning run to Hodoš and then had the afternoon around Celje after the expected hauled turn to Koper was an EMU. Next day I made my way over to Bohinjska Bistrica to have a day with the 644 on Avtovlak. Had the 644 again next day, and as expected a 664 piloting DMU to Jesenice gave me a good exit move, and I them made my way to Zagreb for the Spilt overnight. I returned immediately on the day train and then back to Celje for another night. Picked up a new 362 next day and then did the Velenje branch before joining to staff I knew on the freight from Rogatec back to Celje with required 664.111 on the front and then went to Ljubljana for hotel. It was an early start next day with a lift to Grosuplje to pick up the freight heading for Kočevje with a 644 and back to Grosuplje later, for a lift to Ljubljana. Found out required 664.104 was at Pragersko so a bit if inside help got it ready to do “Drava” to Hodoš and back. I stayed at Ptuj so I could start on 664 action next morning. Not what happened as bashed my head on lamp in hotel and needs stitches in hospital before heading to Ljubljana and flight home (after I did the track on the Kamnik Graben branch)
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