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I started a ten day trip to Baltic region with flight from Birmingham - Warszawa via München where I met up with a friend for first few days of trip. Once we got tickets sorted we joined the overnight to Vilnius which ended up with nice elderly M62 on the front. Major timetable change in Vilnius gave us a bad start but then we joined twice weekly train to Mažeikiai which returned with very comfy beds to Vilnius which ran as booked via Kaunas on the return. We then did a TEP70 all the way to Klaipeda and back and then got hotel in Vilnius for three nights. It was a long TEP60 out and back to Rīga next day which was followed the day after by BcH TEP60 power to Kena where we had permission to get photos at the very recently rebuilt border station. In the afternoon we visited Vilnius depot and then the freight yards at Vaidotai. I went to Rīga again next day and then got photos in the area. Next day I went to Jelgava in morning and then joined train 38 for the overnight run to St Petersburg. I met up with local railfan and then went to stays at friends for couple of nights. We had a day out to Novgorod on the Sunday, using the local TEP70 hauled train stopping at Kupchino. Quiet day next day and then to town for the overnight back to Rīga and then flight back home
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