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An eight day trip to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, flying out to Klagenfurt. On arrival we took the DMU from Bleiburg - Maribor as it was new track and made our way to hotel in Celje. Next day we found out a required 664 was on Avtovlak so we made our way there and stayed in Bohinjska Bistrica for the night. Another new 664 next morning and then made our way to Jesenice where we got news of a 664 going from Maribor to Spielfeld Straß later in the day, so it was a fast car to Celje to get IC from there to do it. Huge new track for a few of us with a 664 and then back to Celje again. Went to Zagreb next day and to Vinkovci for a 2062 vice DMU to Županja, managed another 2062 to Strizivojna-Vrpolje and then to Osijek via Dalj for overnight to Zagreb. Straight back to Sž and a fruitful day on new 363 power and a run to Ptuj in the evening. I went back to Zagreb next day and then took a DMU from Zabok - Ðurmanec and got local bus to the border and walked short distance Sv. Rok ob Sotli station. I got DMU from there and made my way to Celje via Imeno and then to Ptuj for the night. Next day was bad as lots 342 in action, and I had to stay in Ljubljana for early train to Villach and then to Klagenfurt for flight home
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