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I started a 22 day Inter-Rail with a flight to Köln/Bonn and made my way to Aachen for night train to München and then through Austria and down to Ljubljana and then to Sežana where I had a run with a 664 on a vice turn. Up early for a 664 vice to Nova Gorica, back with another vice to Sežana and then north again to Jesenice! Really fantastic stuff, same 664 back to Most na Soči but failed to get on Avtovlak with 661.415 as cab full and no coach! So lift on freight back to Nova Gorica and then back to Ljubljana by car and the Feldkirch overnight. After another trip over Arlberg it was off to Zürich and then to Stuttgart and the Dresden overnight which featured 232 power from Nürnberg via Lichtenfels - Probstzella, huge track for a Kolomna! Then to Leipzig and north to Angermünde area for afternoon, and back west to Hannover and EN491 to Linz and then on to Wien for a day. EN466 took me to Zürich and after an Ae4/4 ex Interlaken then it was EC2 all way to Bonn and back home for two days. Part two was back to Köln/Bonn and a 218 to Borken and UEx1203 south with 120 power and then pair 218s ex Heidelberg all way to Sonthofen. Went forward to Fischen for an IC relief which unbelievably rolled in with a 234 on the front, amazing surprise! Lots photos on the way to Neu-Ulm then 101 to Stuttgart and premier power 103.245 north from there to Köln. I dashed back south to Stuttgart to pick up NZ1953 again to be ready from another Nürnberg - Leipzig run and scored huge winner 232.701 in the process. It was then 120 power in stages north to Stralsund and then to Binz for the 120 to Köln on the NZ and back to Dortmund as a D train, will over 1000 km! Then to Köln/Bonn again for flight home. Final part was to Zürich and then to München via Innsbruck and NZ1908 for another 232 run via Saalebahn to Leipzig. Went south to Augsburg and then the 218 turn to Garmisch Partenkirchen and then to München for D297 to Slovenia. A couple of 362s before a 664 to Hodoš and then to Zagreb for MV240 to Sežana and straight into some 664 action, we had 661.164 on Avtovlak and then back to Nova Gorica for a 664 to Ajdovščina and a bus to Ljubljana to save a lot of time. Went to Sevnica for D414 to Feldkirch and then a day on ÖBB ending up at Linz for EN466 to Zürich and back to Bludenz for the 1144 turn down the private line to Schruns. Straight back to Zürich and flight home
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