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A one week visit to Tunisia and flew to the capital and got our hotel sorted for the week. Started well next day with DP power to Ghardimaou and back towards Tunis, but a derailment a Beja meant DO rubbish back into town which led to an early finish. Next day more standard gauge DP power and then a day of total chaos with packed trains due to Ramadan and massive delays due to flooding and then we later found DI-70 on the buffer stops! Next day was standard gauge Ganz DO junk on almost all trains but we did manage a DK to Bizerte to get something worthwhile, and then we found DI-59 on the block on a relief from Sidi Bou Rouis. South on narrow gauge (faster than the standard gauge!) to Souse for a DK to Mahdia and back and the GT to Sfax for the only booked DP turn to Metlaoui. A night in Hotel Freeze and same DP back to Sfax and back north via Monastir and then to Tunis. By now it was time for everyone to return to Tunis, so after a DF and new DK-86 we did outbound relief to Bou Salem which became absolutely packed on the return journey and it was a huge relief to get back into town. Next day we found winner DP-152 on an empty outbound train and after a very long wait at Manouba we picked it up on return and then had the challenge of finding a taxi to get to the airport, but did make it eventually! A good but very stressful trip
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