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Nine of us set off for India on a mammoth nine week trip, but first we flew to Wien where we stayed for one night and sampled some 2143 action on the Marchegg line. It was then back to the airport and the long flight to Delhi. After two nights in Delhi and getting our reservations we set of to Varanasi where we had an official visit to the DLW factory to see brand new ALCO powered locos being built. An afternoon trip to Bhadohi and the long run south to Howrah for one night. The next day we set of to Secunderabad for another night, WDM2C power all the way. Then it was over to Bangalore for two nights and another long night journey to Thanjavur Junction and one night there. A horrible narrow gauge overnight took us cross country to Quilon Jcnand then we went north to Ernakulam where we stayed two nights. We found quite a few of the unique WDM7 class inaction which were most entertaining. It was then time to head north over the "Konkan Railway" to Vasco de Gama, it was still baking hot but not as humid. One night there and a on the local trains to Kulem and Madgaon during the day. Next evening went north to Pune where we managed a very early check in at the hotel and then a super day with local railfans at Jarandeshwar, Adarki and Warthar. Once back at Pune we had a depot visit arranged and then a nice evening in very comfy hotel. Another long journey north next day taking us to Agra and a visit to the Taj Mahal, I found the Chipmunks more interesting than the tourist stuff which involved rip off at every angle! An afternoon run out to Achnera Jcn on the narrow gauge and then back to Agra for night. Final section back to Delhi next morning and the flight back home via Wien
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