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A ten day trip to Turkey started with flight to Ankara via Frankfurt and after a short GM trip to Kayas it was a hotel for first night. A morning trip to Irmak and then afternoon one to Kayas kept us busy on next day and next morning we headed north to Zonguldak, back south next day and another night in Ankara. Long run east to Sivas next morning where we spent one night also. Took the long day train north to Samsun and as always some superb scenery, after a few hours there we returned overnight to Sivas and as expected made to late running eastbound train for the long run to Erzurum, so more spectacular scenery. Continued east to Kars on the mixed train next morning, the DE24 was really struggling and were no fewer than three hours late in Kars, where we stayed the night. Back west next morning with the thirty hour run to Ankara with premier DE22 power on the front, we had very comfy old sleeper at rear of train but with full opening windows, very sociable. Another night in Ankara and next day was "census" day so every had to be at home, resulting in the city being deserted and lots of delays. We flew back home in the evening
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