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The year starts off with quite a few of us heading for Greece again, I was staying twelve days. We flew with Virgin this time on their regular A320. As usual we started off on the main line and noise machine A-456 was a fine way to start all the way to Thessaloniki and an early night. Sole survivor A-302 was in good form on the Kozani train but needed A-205 to help it back for some unknown reason which we never found out! Some MLW action in the evening and then 602 to Alexandroupoulis where I has to rest with a dodgy foot for a day! Back to Thessaloniki and then to Leptokaria next day once I was on the mend. MLW and two Craiova next day and back to Athina. Solid MLW next and then back on 602 again all the way to Dikea this time. A-460 back to Alexandroupoulis and some still some A-201 action dragging carts in the area took A-208 to Paranesti and the MLW to Alexandroupoulis and back to Thessaloniki on train 617. We had a day on main line next day and then a night in Thessaloniki. Next day had A-453 to Kozani and a few hours later had A-456 as well, no shortage of noise with these two fine examples and then A-456 south on train 505 to Athina. Another solid MLW day on main line and train 505 back south again using our hotel room in Athina only for showers next morning! Finally another excellent MLW day on main line and then flight back home next day
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