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Another day days in magic “Hellas” land, I did my usual overnight flight move but with Olympic this time. I went straight into the mountains with MLW power and then a couple of Craiova mover and the two MLW and the usual hotel in Leptokaria for one night. A day between Thessaloniki and Larissa next day and then A-454 east from Thessaloniki on train 602 to Soufli, get stuffed with two A-351s but thankfully only east of Alexandroupoulis. We have A-454 back to Thessaloniki and an early finish. Next day we chase A-510 which had gone east on 602 and we have it back from Paranesti. A-326 is taken on 503 to Katerini and then back to Thessaloniki and A-554 all the way for a day on southern end of main line and a hotel. A day on main line, four Craiova out but three of them failed on us, but then A-554 takes us north overnight trouble free! Thankfully we had bailed at Plati, A-322 rolls in on the Kozani. A-204 was added at Skydra but we lost her at Agras and it returned about half an hour later with A-368 dead in tow on the first Kozani. We continued with A-322, and were thrilled to see A-209 on the Florina this was taken all the way. We get back as far as Messonissio where we find A-204 returning to Florina, she had swapped down the line with A-469 which was too heavy for the branch. This was too good to resist, TWO different “Baby Alco’s” out of Florina in one hour! Took A-204 all the way back to Thessaloniki. Checked into Rotonda and then did a Katerini and back, hotel got flagged as finally I found A-506 on a passenger train, taken to Drama for A-508 back in! Had an excellent day around Thessaloniki and then a much needed hotel. Plenty Alco power next and A-223 to Volos for a change the 505 to the south for a another main line day and my last night in the hotel. Back home next day
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