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A one week trip to Tunisia to chase ALCO, GE and GM power, we flew from Luton to Monastir and back. After a hotel in Sousse we bought the excellent value "Carte Blue" rover tickets and started our travels. Ganz (DO) rubbish was everywhere to start with and then we take premier DP power into Tunis for DP and DM power on standard gauge. A full day around Tunis next day and then a DP all the way south to Metlaoui where we hitched a lift on a phosphate train to Selja and back on another one with a DI, very fruitful morning! A DM did the branch train to Redeyef in the evening and we returned north on the overnight with DP for DP at Sfax. We made the nineteen minute connection onto the DK to Kalaa Khasba so took it all the way, excellent in fresh air stock. A trip to Ghardimaou next morning with DO rubbish but then some DI and DP power also, the afternoon was mainly in the Tunis area. Next day we managed to find big GE DN power on TM1 rather than the usual ETH fitted DI, and then a dash to Hammam Lif to pick up DI-58 on a Monastir DO diagram! Our final day started badly seeing DI-66 going past our Sousse hotel on a Tunis bound DO turn. We went south to Sfax with DP power and amazingly found DI-59 on the next train to Tunis, I took it to Hammam Lif on the off chance DI-66 would return south, which it did, a 100% ALCO day to finish off with and then flight home!
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