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A week in Slovenia on the PTG Tours "Slovenian Spanka rides again" tour which covered many DMU only and freight lines with GM power. I flew to Graz and spent first night in Poljcane then on to Ljubljana to do the shopping for the tour buffet. The tour covered the lines to Kamnik and then on to Rijeka for the night. Next day to Bakar (first passenger train for 50 years) and then to Novo Mesto via Karlovac. Next day was Straza, Revoz and BTC City. Then Koper Luka, Vila Opicina and the combined with Avtovlak as we headed to Jesenice. Next to Naklo and Sveti Rok ob Sotli on our way to Maribor. Last day was a circular trip in Austria via Graz, Zeltweg, Bleiburg, Klagenfurt, Villach and Jesenice. Once tour was over quite a few of us did a day trip to Pula before heading home
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