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A three day trip to Greece for a charter train running on the Peloponnese narrow gauge lines. Three of us flew to Athens and took a bus provided by the tour to Pirghos for the special narrow gauge train. The train was formed of the unique refurbished A-9101 with A-9105 for assistance, one open coach, one van and a two-car MAN DMU being taken to Kalamata for a future excursion. A-9101 looked and sounded fantastic, and a few photo stops were had on the way to Kalamata. Next day we returned to Zevgolatio and then took the awesome Tripoli line as far as Chrani, climbing and going round steep sharp curves on the way up the hill. We then returned to Zevgolatio and then resumed northbound journey to Pirghos. I took the return bus to Kiato and then an Airport bound EMU to the new SKA interchange station for a train to Athens. A few photos of the new station next morning before the flight back home
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