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A five day trip to Switzerland started with a flight to Zürich and straight into an Ae6/6 turn out of the Flughafen to Winterthur. Next day I made my way to Neuchâtel for the Ae4/7 turn from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Le Locle-Col-des-Roches and then to Bern for the booked pair of BLS Re4/4s on train 2532 to Basel SBB. After an overnight to Domodossola I covered the Saturdays BLS Ae8/8 turn which produced with 273. Super power on EC101 with an Re6/6 and Re4/4IV 10102 on the front. A few new Re6/6 the next day and then to Delémont for a book triple headed Re4/4II on train 1644, only the rear two working! It was then overnight to Chiasso and worked my way back to Genève via Lausanne for my flight home
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