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A fifteen day InterRail started with a flight to Budapest for a one night stay. It was then an early start to get to Szombathely for three nights and some concentrated chasing of Ludmilla power on the GySEV turns, especially the train to Pećs. On New Year's Day I went for the chance of both a run with an Sž 664 and a GySEV 232 on the same day, a fine way to start 2014. I then made my way into Austria and one night at Linz. A long RailJet journey the next day right across from Linz via Arlberg to Zürich and then to Lausanne and Genève and a loco hauled connection on to Lyon where I was staying three nights. My first day in Lyon started off with a partial strike, but once I got to Chambery things were running normally mostly and I sampled elderly 67/3 action on the line to Grenoble. Next day was more on electric action and then I left with the new cross country loco hauled route to Tours and into Paris and one night at Fontainebleau-Avlon. I then moved into Paris and had three days of travels from St Lazare, Nord and Est, mainly chasing the 15000 class loco and also did the re-opened line from Serqueux - Gisors. Got lucky on the Saturday with the working of Infra (former Chunnel and test loco) 22380 on a train to Clermont-Ferrand, so enjoyed a long run with this big loco. I then had one night at Blois and then the "Interloire" train to Le Croisic, but it terminated short at Nantes due to carriage defect, not happy! After a quick trip on two pairs of 67/4 action at Nantes I made my way to Rennes and a very successful trip t St-Malo and back on elderly 25500 electrics. The final day saw me return to Paris with the loco hauled from Le Mans and over to Creil to go to Beauvais before new units take over. A final few moves around St-Lazare before Eurostar back home
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