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A ten day trip to Greece and Turkey started with a flight on a BA 767 to Athens where we stayed three nights. A strike on first day prevented planned trip to Thessaloniki but trams and metro were running in Athens. I caught up with contacts on the Friday and then we flew to Ankara via Istanbul on the Saturday. We then started a few journeys with the great DE22000 (G26CW) GM locos. Out first journey was to Kayseri for one night, a seven hour journey. Next day we took the morning train to Adana and saw the stunning scenery south of Ulukişla as we dropped down to sea level at Yenice. In the afternoon we made another trip up the hill as far as Çiftehan and then back to Adana. Another ascent next day as we took train to Konya and as a fill in we then blitzed on the YHT to Ankara and then back to Konya again. The night train to Izmir was a DE33 to Afyon and then a DE22 forward. We had a full day in Izmir with some loud DE24 action and then the long fifteen hour journey back to Ankara with DE22 quality throughout. We then flew to Istanbul for a one night stay and then continued journey home next day
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