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A six day trip to Germany to chase more Kolomna power, I flew with BA from Gatwick - Frankfurt/M, at one stage I thought I was getting Concorde, but sadly just a 737 (the Concorde was thankfully dud anyway!). I went north to Kiel for a 232 turn and then to Ludwigslust for a 232 turn to Dömnitz and then to Berlin for a Seddin 232 turn getting bowled with a kettle! I then had a full day around Erfurt on a number of new 232s and also some 228s also. I went to Magdeburg and then a full day from there and into Berlin where a cancellation mucked up the rest of my day. Overnight to Osnabrück and straight back east to into the Halberstadt area and then back to Magdeburg for D350 to Erfurt to cover a couple more 232 turns and then a fast IC to Frankfurt/M and the flight back home
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