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This trip should have been all in Sweden, but cancellation of planned tour due to a signal box fire meant I had time to return to Slovenia and take the special train to Mürzzuschlag. I used my outward flight with a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (fantastic experience) to Stockholm for a one night stay. Next day bus to Skavsta for Ryanair flight to Treviso, the plane had to return to Treviso after strange noise on takeoff, so a three hours late final arrival put me into overnight journey into Austria. I got on the 664 tour at Spielfeld-Straß for the run north to Mürzzuschlag, no shortage of sound as usual! A few hours at event in baking hot temperatures and then back to Maribor and a night in Poljčane. Had a 363 to Ljubljana next morning on IC519 (vice DMU) and then "Pohorje" towards Koper. We had expected train to terminate at Divača due to engineering works but it went to Koper, due to works on overhead wires the 664 went all the way! It was expected it would return on a special train to Germany but that ran ok on electric and we had to 664 back out again, incredible luck! We went back to Ljubljana and I returned to Logatec for the night. Into Ljubljana again next day and IC505 to Postojna and the bus back to Ljubljana and to airport for flight home
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