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A five day visit to Slovenia to catch the last few days of diesels on passenger trains from Borovnica before buses take over again. I flew with easyJet to Ljubljana and then made my way to Poljčane for my four night stay there. My first day was to Ljubljana and then by bus to Prestranek for some photos, thankfully managing a 664 on MV482 to Borovnica. After some photos there I returned to Ljubljana and back to Poljčane. I woke early next day to sound of a 664 arriving on the empty train to form 3480 to Maribor Studenci so I took it all the way. Straight to Maribor and a fill in on 342s to Laško and back before taking Citadella to Zalaegerszeg and back, 664.119 on the outward and 664.117 on the return was a good result, then an EMU back to Poljčane. Same familiar sound of a 664 next morning, so another trip to Maribor Studenci and then premier 363 power on Pohorje to Ljubljana and bus to Rakek for photos. This time I got caught with Hercules junk on the drag to Borovnica. Some photos there and then to Ljubljana and thankfully another 363 back to Poljčane. Final day and yet again 363 on Pohorje was an excellent start, a couple of hours near Ljubljana Tivoli got some nice photos and then to the airport and my flight back home
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