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A ten day InterRail was ordered with the news of five days of "Ludmilla" drags between München and Salzburg. I flew out on a Singapore Airlines 777 from Manchester to München and started my coverage of the diversions, each morning I travelled with EC111 which was the best train with the 232 coupled right to the front of the luxurious ÖBB compartment carriages! In the afternoon moves depended on which locos were where, we were lucky to have two very rare "Cargo" locos each day, 232.259 and 232.690 (now MEG 318). I spent three nights in München and one night in Salzburg. After the diversions I made my way north to Strasbourg for a one night stay. Next day I did plenty of travels with Sybic locos on the excellent TER200 regional trains and ended up staying in Mulhouse. Next day was north to Paris with 72100 diesel power from Belfort and then I crossed over to St-Lazare and checked into my hotel at Asnières sur Seine for three nights. I spent quite a while chasing the favourite 15000 class locos on the IC trains to Le Havre and Cherbourg and also the Sybic locos. On the Saturday I did some trips from Montparnasse and on the Sunday from Austerlitz stations. On the Monday evening I returned home with Eurostar
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