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A twelve day trip around Eastern Europe started with a flight from East Midlands to Wrocław where we spent one night. Next day we moved on to Kraków for a further one night. It was then into Czech Republic and a two night stay at Olomouc seeing in the new year in this nice location. I did day trips to Bratislava each day and then moved on to Győr for one night. I spent the morning on the GySEV Ludmilla power and then a rare sunny spell for some photos at Vép. I then made my way to Linz where I stayed for two nights, the first day was a round trip to Brno and Přerov and then back to Linz. Next day south to Graz for three nights, and some moves around Leoben. On the Monday we did the Graz - Budapest train to get us onto GySEV metals and more Ludmilla and 430 action. Then next day a trip from Graz to Bratislava via Wien and then we moved south into Slovenia. One night at Poljčane and naturally a trip to Hodoš with 664 power. It was repeated again the next day and we stayed at Sevnica prior to our flight home. Final day was a 541 from Sevnica direct to Ljubljana and a very strong headwind let to a very lively flight!
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