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Another six days chasing nice old "real" Kolomna power, I flew to Düsseldorf and then went south to Frankfurt/M for D1955 to the east. I went straight to Cottbus and had the day on the Hoyerswerda and Görlitz turns getting some really excellent locos during the day. The overnight was summer only D1010 “Csárdás” for the 484km run from Bad Schandau - Stralsund which was booked for a 180, highly unusual track for a Skoda built loco. I went straight over to Rostock and a day in the Schwerin and Bad Kleinen area and a big bonus was finding a booked 232 turn down the branch to Rehna. D350 took me south to Nürnberg and then to Saalfeld and Erfurt area for more 232 action. Not much of an overnight as more turns to be covered so went Leipzig to Nürnberg and then to Plauen, after doing the branch to Saalburg it along to Dresden via Reichenbach and D476 to Wittenberge. We took stopper to Nauen where we found double woppas 232.002 and 232.610 on the Potsdam - Leipzig diagram, 232.610 was hyper "dark chocolate" and was pouring out black smoke! Most of the day was in Berlin area and then D242 to Aachen and to Bonn for the flight home
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