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A ten day trip to Greece started with the usual night flight to Athens and straight up into the mountains with A-558 and then three excellent MLW runs put back in Athens for the night. Next day was almost another a full day of MLW action, a surprise was at Lianokladi after our lunch stop when the 03:20 to Athens rolled in running ten hours late, giving us an extra run on a nice heavy train. We went north on train on train 504 and I was straight back south again when A-468 dropped on train 501 and another night in the capital. I was out next morning with A-555 and then more MLW leaping and then A-458 north on "Hellas Express" and then a run to Kozani next morning with class Alco A-303 and then a fill in to Platamon and back. Next day was on the line towards Alexandroupoulis and a surprise on way back on was unusual pair of A-504 & A-327 for a super entertaining run and then south to Athens on train 505. Back north with A-458 but bowled at Larissa when silent German rubbish forward, settled for an Alsthom to Skydra and a hotel. It was an early start next day, into Thessaloniki and the A-457 to Stavroupolis where we caught up with A-308 on train 613. We ran out of water at Gazoras but soon got going again for a great run back to Thessaloniki and south with A-302 on the sleepers to Athens and another day on south end of main line. The last day was a special train from Pireaus Port - Chalkis with A-302 and with plenty of local Greek enthusiast around for the occasion as well. Early start next day and to the airport for flight back home
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