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A one week trip to the Baltic States started with flights via Frankfurt/M to Rīga and then we had to get used to the cold weather! Our first day didn't go to plan as info we had on which trains were loco hauled was out of date so we didn't have a very good start and our only loco hauled move was a TEP70 to Jelgava. Next morning we left Rīga early on the southbound train from Tallinn - Vilnius where we were staying one night. Next day we did a round trip with an M62 to Šeštokai and then joined the overnight train for the long journey north to Tallinn, it got worked by three different TEP70 locos. On arrival in Tallinn we did a round trip to Tapa with TEP60 and M62 power and then another TEP60 on the afternoon loco hauled service to Viljandi. The same TEP60 next morning to Nõmmküla and then a single for a double 2M62 back into Tallinn and then a day in the old town. Early start next day for a M62 on the loco hauled service from Aegviidu - Tapa and then a round trip to Valga, our TEP60 was replaced by a 2M62 for the section to Valga. We left Tallinn on the Vilnius night train and went as far as Jelgava. A DMU to Dobele got us into a TEP60 on the Liepāja - Rīga train and then a TEP70 into Rīga on a train from Ventspils, it was good to see some of the massive 2TE10 power at Jelgava. A quick short trip with a loud M62 to Zemitāni and then it was time to head to the airport for flights home
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