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A week in Spain and France for the Easter holidays started with a flight from Gatwick to Madrid and straight into a relief from Madrid Chamartín - Vigo which was a 333 throughout. Went as far as Ourense for a pair back south on the overnight to Medina del Campo and then a 269 to Burgos for a full day on 333 power ending up in Madrid for the night. A morning trip to Talavera de le Reina and then to Alcázar de San Juan where winning 333.003 was had to Manzanares. It was then on to Alicante where I was delighted to find winning 333.015 still in green livery on the Cartagena - Barcelona overnight, making a fine site under the overall roof at Valencia in the early hours. Balancing train back south and then to Madrid and to Leganés for pair 333s and after a trip to Alcázar de San Juan another Leganés and then north on the overnight to Pontevedra, getting another green 333 in the book. It was then a DMU to A Coruña and 333.076 on the relief train south to Medina del Campo where I stayed one night. A quick bash next morning to Valladolid and then to Cantalapiedra for 472 quality kilometres on 333 power to Hendaye and then some SNCF electric moves. Took Paris overnight to St.Pierre des Corps and then some pairs of 67/4 and into Granville for train to Paris and to Orly for a BA 757 back to Heathrow
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