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A two week trip to USA to chase coal trains and also a visit to Cheyenne for some Union Pacific action. We flew from Manchester to Frankfurt/M and then to Denver and after a few hours there on to Gillette to put us nice and close to the Powder River coal train action. We picked up a hire car and spent the next few days concentrating on the north end of the line, the majority of coal trains on this section are BNSF powered, although some UP ones also. Traffic levels varied, sometimes really busy other times dead quiet which we were not expecting. We then moved west to Casper for two nights, there was only very small amounts of traffic there but we did manage a super shot of morning freight so it was worth it. Next morning it was straight back to the Powder River action and two nights based in Douglas. The south end of the line was busier but due to a UP derailment at Lusk levels were still sometimes low, only on our last day did it really pick up and get really busy but we found some excellent spots. We then went to Cheyenne for the final few days, first day was out to find recommended spots around Sherman Hill but many of the small roads are now marked private and no entry so it was quite difficult finding decent spots but we ended up with nice shots. Archer Hill to the east of Cheyenne was a good location. We then made our way back home and due to Lufthansa pilots strike had to take a DB ICE from Frankfurt/M Flughafen - Köln/Bonn for a Germanwings flight back to London
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