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A short five day trip to Latvia started with a Wizzar flight from Luton to Rīga where I made my way into town and stayed one night. Next morning I viewed the overnight trains arrive from Moskva and St Petersburg and then returned to the airport to meet Steve off his plane. We took the bus to the railway museum and then went to Jelgava for some freight action. It was very quiet indeed, only two freights in two hours. An EMU back to Rīga and then we joined the Moskva train for the journey to Krustpils, we waited there for an hour and then took the St Petersburg train to Daugavpils where we stayed two nights. Next day we returned to Krustpils and spent the whole day in the station area taking photos of the freights passing through. It was then back to Daugavpils with the train to St Petersburg. Back to Krustpils again the next morning and then we took a taxi to Spuņģēni and we settled ourselves beside the level crossing. Thankfully the main line towards Rīga was much busier that the line to Jelgava and almost all the freight traffic was with 2TE10M/U or 2TE116, only a few 2M62 seen in action on this day. We didn't have much sunshine took once finished we took a taxi back to Krustpils and then a DMU to Rīga. Steve went straight to the airport for his flight home. I had another night in Rīga and next day did a few things in the city before going to Gaisma for photos of a few freights and then to the airport for my flight back home to Liverpool
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