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A four day trip to Germany for two days of Christmas Market special trains hauled by the massive Wiebe “V320” loco know as “Grandma” by the company. I took Eurostar to Bruxelles and then went to Bochum via Aachen and managed to pick up one of my last few 111 on the way. The first special was from Bochum – Hamburg Hbf and this was the first passenger working for the big diesel since 1975. Ian and I went to Ashausen to try and get some photos but poor light made it very difficult. The “diesel” fans coach was shunted to front of the train for maximum thrash! Most of us stayed at Münster (Westf) ready for the next run with V320, this time to Erfurt on no fewer than twelve coaches this time. During the layover we were able go to Jena West to pick up 232.413 vice DMU, ultra fast bail at Weimar when 232.569 rolls in heading for Altenburg, amazingly both winners for me! Superb sounds off the V320 heading back to Münster (Westf). Next day back via Bruxelles and Eurostar home
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