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I started another European East Pass trip with a Ryanair flight to Ostrava so get in a new airport in and then I did a simple journey to Olomouc where I was staying one night. Next morning after chasing my last ČD 380 I did a return trip to Katowice to do the Bohumín avoiding line. As expected regular 370.008 was the traction back to Ostrava, and then a couple of new 162s on a round trip to Přerov and then to Ostrava-Svinov where 151.001 took me to Žilina which gave me rare ČD hauled track via Havířov. A few class 162 moves next morning and then a trip to Považská Bystrica and then I made my way south to Bratislava for one night. Early start next day with the new hauled turn to Holíč nad Moravou and then the DMU forward for the short run to Skalica na Slovensku. A couple of moves from Bratislava and then I met up with Steve and after a quick trip to Bratislava-Lamač we went to Wien and after a few quick moves we took EC159 south to Slovenia and two nights at Poljčane. Good start with 363 power to Laško next morning then two nasty Moped runs before the usual 664 entertainment with 664.106 to Hodoš and back. More Moped junk later sadly, no 363 action. Same move to Laško next morning and then Citadella all the way to Budapest. A quick 418 in and out of Nyugati and Steve headed for airport and back home, I stayed two nights in the Ibis near Kőbánya-Kispest. A few moves in Budapest and then I was pleased to find the GySEV Vectron on its regular turn so took it all the way to Sopron. A 2016 took me on to Wiener Neustadt and then a new 1116 to Wien for RJ67 back to Budapest. Early departure to head for Košice and then a new 162 to Čierna nad Tisou and back on an EMU. Some Škoda entertainment for the rest of the day and I stayed at Poprad-Tatry one night. I did some of the narrow gauge next day and then made my way to Košice and then up to Prešov for Sundays only train R1602 which is the only loco hauled train of the week to do the Kysak avoiding line. I continued west via Vrútky to Banská Bystrica where I stayed two nights. Next day was a concentred chase of the old 240 electrics on the line south from Zvolen - Nové Zámky. Next day I went to Zvolen and after a quick trip to Kriváň I went to Bratislava via Nové Zámky and after some moves from Bratislava I went to Wien and a short run with a new 1144 and then to Győr for two nights. Straight to Wien next morning and then did IC train to Flughafen and back and then back to Bratislava for a couple of new Skoda’s and then I took bus to Petržalka and then 1144 power to Parndorf and Railjet to Tatabánya and required 430.332 back to Győr. Back to Wien early next day and then a trip to Břeclav for a couple of moves, then south to Wien and EC159 back to Slovenia. Another run to Hodoš next day with 664 power and then some photos at Dolga Gora and Grobelno before returning to hotel at Poljčane. I returned to ÖBB next day and made my way via Graz and Villach to Bischofshofen and then to cover three return ski trains. Two private Vectrons and a Traxx 186 and then I joined my pre booked couchette all the way to Bruxelles-Midi, the train was load sixteen from Wörgl. We entered NS via Emmerich and then via Arnhem, Utrecht, Gouda, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Roosendaal and Antwerpen-Berchem. I had time for one round trip to Leuven and then a Eurostar back to London
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