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Another trip to the former Eastern Block region. I started with a flight to Poznań and then north to Szczecin for one night stay. Next morning I did the first of a few bits of track available with fast trains in the summer. Sadly it was only the track from Szczecin - Piła of interest with a very uninspiring SM42 on the front. Then it was south to Wrocław for two nights. A day around Wrocław and then north to Szczecin via a summer train via Rzepin for two nights. Next day Szczecin - Bydgoszcz diesel line and the Ustka branch. Łeba next day and then Warszawa for two nights. Day trip to Kraków and back with the KM EU47 diagram. Lucky EP08 run to Katowice and then to Olomouc for two nights. Had hoped to do Kouty nad Desnou with Arriva hired 163 but no luck. Finally two nights in Győr where I did two farewell runs on the Ludmilla send then flew home from Budapest
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