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The second part of my InterRail started with Ryanair to Rzeszów for one night and then a long trek west to Opole for three nights. I made one trip to Wrocław on my first evening. The target the next day was to try and get the three hired in PKP Cargo EU07s being used on the PR services on the Poznań - Wrocław route. I managed them easily, all three got on the first attempt! During that afternoon some strange moves were made as trains from the east were up to four hours late. Next day I had another look at the PR turns and then did an afternoon trip to Poznań and back. I left Opole via Kędzierzyn-Koźle and went to Katowice and then EC116 via Chałupki to Bohumín. A few electric moves and then I went to Ostrava-Svinov and the new ZSSK 162 diagram to Žilina. I just got a seat on the usually busy R train for the three hour run to Bratislava where I stayed for three nights. Target for the next day was my second attempt to do the Kouty nad Desnou hauled, in and out with green 163s was perfect! I then made my way to Česká Třebová and picked up 193.276 while it was working with Regiojet. The next day was spent around Brno picking up some class 242 on the excellent local trains in the area and then back to Bratislava. Early departure to Wien to and a long Railjet run all the way to Zürich and then up to Basel and straight to Mulhouse chasing my last two push-pull Sybic's. I did an early start to cover some 25500 at Sélestat but a SNCF points failure scuppered that idea so I returned to on time SBB and went to Bern. Luckily BLS winner 465.007 was on the first train I covered and took it all the way to La Chaux-de-Fonds. I returned to Basel via the CJ narrow gauge to Glovlier and then back into SNCF and I managed two new 25500s and one of my Sybics. After a morning on SBB I then went into SNCF again and a 72100 from Belfort - Troyes for two nights. Next two solid days on the big diesels before carts take over and then one night in Chaumont. Final run up to Pars and some moves out of Nord and the home through the tunnel on one of the new Eurostar sets.
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