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Another InterRail started off with a flight to Košice for a two night stay. Local travels there the first day and the start slow journey westbound via Vrútky and Žilina to Olomouc for two nights. A trip to Jeseník and then travels around the Česká Třebová area on the Saturday and then to Brno next day new track next day between Tišnov and Kolín and then travels in Nymburk and Lysá nad Labem area before into Praha for two nights. More next day around Nymburk and then I moved on to Plzeň for two nights. Finally managed to do the track into Železná Ruda-Alžbětín, around thirty years after I managed to reach Bayerish Eisenstein on the DB side on the border. Next it was via Dresden and Leipzig and after night in Osnabrück to Baarn for new 1700 track to Utrecht and on to Maubeuge via Den Haag CS, Bruxelles and Lille for one night. Big freight track on the train to Paris next morning with booked diversion via Longueil Ste Marie - Ormoy-Villers, with a very short spell in Paris I did it in each direction and then to Lille and new 22000 track to Dunkerque and two nights in Lille. 22000 chasing next day and a IC 22000 from Cambrai as well. More new 22000 track with Valenciennes via Douai and then to Calias. Finally moving on the Caen for final two nights and just enjoying the comfort of the Normandie IC trains before they go over to cart in a couple of years. Made my way home via the tunnel with the harsh riding new Siemens rubbish back to St Pancras
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