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Another trip started with a Ryanair flight to Trieste where I stayed one night. Next day I took a bus to Villa Opicina next morning as the tram not running (again) and then a slow EMU to Ljubljana. I went to Laze for a few of taking photos, it was quite busy and some nice results, quite a few 363 and far too many 342! I then went to Poljčane and stayed there for four nights. The next day I went to Laško and then back to Celje and then steam to Imeno and then Ljubljana and back to Poljčane. Sunday was better as a few extra trains run taking people back to Ljubljana, I was delighted with an all stations run with 363.029 from Maribor - Murska Sobota and then back from Hodoš. Monday was also good as I found out about a 664 vice in good time, so a very noisy run to Murska Sobota and back to Maribor. Citadella to Budapest next day and thankfully a 363 took me to Hodoš then slow run to Budapest. After a day on MAV the PTG tour started and we did various branches and sidings east of Budapest and in to Ukraine and then my flight back home
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