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Another wander around Europe started with a flight to Carcassonne and four nights staying in Avignon. First object of the trip was a tour from Avignon - Sète with immaculate 6570 looking fantastic. The other days were chasing 22200 in the Lyon and Marseille areas and Chambéry locos do some interesting track nowadays. After Avignon I moved on to Toulouse for a couple of nights and did a few runs of the IC trains running to and from Bayonne which included a long overdue return to Lourdes and Pau area. I left Toulouse with a long run to Arles and then north to Lyon and to Chambéry via Annecy. Next day was down to Valence for some new 22200 track and then to Aix-les-Bains and a run to Genève, back to Lyon and to Besançon for one night. The Saturday was north to Belfort and then to Mulhouse for a few runs on the excelled TER200 Sybic action, and then to Nancy with the booked Saturday 26000 turn, then to Thionville for three nights. I did two days trips to Luxembourg and then on to Antwerpen for one night. The next day was on the 186s around Rotterdam and then via some 1700 action at Apeldoorn and a night at Enschede. Into DB next morning and up to Bremen for some 146 action and then to Berlin via Hannover for a night and then into Poland (after getting MEG 608 ex 143.020) on RB14. Once in Warszawa I did the KM turn to Radom temporarily via the CMK and line 331. Back to Warszawa next day and down to Wrocław for the evening and to Opole for two nights. Found Cargo EU07-108E out on PR services next day and after that some time in Poznań and then back to Opole. Early start next day with IC6300 to Kraków Płaszów via Główny avoider and then to Bohumín via the new EC114, but with a CD 163 and not a EU07 as expected. Final hotel of the trip was at Olomouc and few back home next day from Ostrava
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