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Another two week wander around Eastern Europe and this time with absolutely bargain summer tickets. Two weeks on ČD €45 and one week ZSSK €39! I flew to Nürnberg to get started, it was hot so I had to get used to it. I picked up a few new 143 on S2. Next day I went into ČD and three nights based in Plzeň, mainly covering 242s with plenty of turns to cover. I went to do the hauled "Ex" turn to Nové Údolí but late running meant a DMU on the final but from Černý Kříž, at least I did the track, but not hauled. I then moved on via Praha and the booked division in Brno via Dolní dolní nádraží and Ostrava to Žilina where I stayed few nights. First day I did the excellent rack line from Štrba - Štrbské Pleso and then I enjoyed the main line. Next day I did R train diversions via the direct secondary route from Horná Štubňa - Zvolen as it was on for a few days. A day round Bratislava the next day and I managed one of two Cargo 240s that were out. Next day down to Zvolen to see what 240s I could find, I got a couple. An R train to Košice via Fiľakovo was my way of heading east for three nights there; it was hot so air con only moves were in force. My first morning there was photting at Kostoľany nad Hornádom as there was a shady spot to hide in. I then did a trip to Humenné, but got bowled with a cart back, but it was cool. The late afternoon was the lovely comfy stoppers to Poprad-Tatry and back, top power in lovely stock, most relaxing. Similar moves next day and then the next one was long zigzag to get to Zabrze. I went via Vrútky (with a diesel fill in) then Ostrava and EC115 to Kraków, this time via Plasov and then to Zabrze in a stinking hot train. A full day around Wrocław followed and then a circular trip via Bielsko-Biała Główna and Opole twice! Final morning went very well indeed with an EP07 on an EP09 turn, so out and back to Bohumín via different routes. A good finish to an excellent trip!
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