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The second part of my InterRail with various other tickets added on in Poland and Czech Republic to keep me going until well after the New Year. I flew to Köln/Bonn and slowly made my way to Hannover for one night. On to Berlin next morning and then into Poland and three nights at Warszawa with a couple of days around the Lublin area while some freight line diversions we taking place. I went south on 26th with a Zakopane train via Chabówka and then the very slow crawl to Pszczyna. I then made my way to Cieszyn which was base for the next three nights. A local area ticket next day and so tackled some of the branches in the area on the first day. Next day was mainly in the Brno area and then I was on early train to Praha and then via "Alex" to Regensburg and then to München and three nights in Augsburg making full use of the last few days of my InterRail ticket. Up to Nürnberg next day to view the 143s and then do the Railpool Vectron turns to Sonneberg and pic up the last straggler and then down to München to hope for the 103 to Ulm but no luck, but no objections to taking a 120. A quick run up hill to Geislingen with 218.427 and then back to Augsburg. Next day was a trip to Füssen and then I had planned to go to Lindau but the line was closed beyond Hergatz so back to München for a new 146 to Landshut and then back to Augsburg. Next two days were in Stuttgart and Innsbruck area and then a 401 ICE to Halle via the new lines to Erfurt and on to Halle and then via Leipzig, Dresden and Praha to Plzen for three nights. An all CD ticket was then followed by a Plzen region ticket and then to Praha and flight back home
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