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Another wander around Germany and Eastern Europe, started off with a Ryanair flight to Frankfurt/M and then to Darmstadt for one night. I covered a few 143 turns the next morning and then to Erfurt and a DMU to Sömmerda for the EBS "Ludmilla" turn to Buttstädt and then a bus and, EMU and ICE to Fulda for one night. I made my way to Frankfurt/M knowing one of my last 114s might be out and I actually managed my last three in successive runs! Then a ICE to Köln and the 120.2 to Siegen to keep warm and then to Duisburg and a couple of new 146s on my way to Münster (Westf) for two nights. 216.002 tour to Willingen next day with some excellent Maybach music entertainment on the way. We filled in time with a DMU down the little branch to Brilon Stadt and then the long run back stack at the back of the train. Made my way to Praha next morning via stops in Hannover and Dresden picked up a couple of 143s and my last 146 based there. Three nights in Praha mostly on local tickets, and then started a six day Slovakian InterRail with three nights in Bratislava and the three in Poprad-Tatry. I spent most of my time just enjoying the locos in this nice cheap part of the world. Wizzair back to Luton to finish the trip
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