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Another wander around Eastern Europe started with a flight from Stansted - Budapest and two nights staying there. I had a European East Pass five day ticket so spent a few days going to and from Austria getting my value out of the ticket. First day I cleared my final two Railjet 1116s, got three 2016s (when bored and nothing else to do!) and one of my last 1144s. The next four days were on the PTG Hungary tour with some unusual lines and locos, of which two nights were based in Pécs, highlight being noisy 2062.038 for 300 km of GM sounds. I then moved hotels to Győr and had another couple of days with some 1116s and another new 1144 taking me down to now needing five locos. I then moved north to České Budějovice for one night and then with a good value ČD web ticket went further north to Warszawa for two nights and then a good value "Weekend Max" ticket. I managed one of two Griffin Newag locos on hire to PKP and did a nice diversion north of Kraków while it was on. The Sunday morning I took EP08 power to Poznań via Inowrocław Rąbinek and also due to a derailment at Łowicz we went via Łowicz Przedmieście where a reversal was needed. I then made my way south to Zabrze for one night. Next day was final day of my EEP ticket and I made my way to Vrútky via Bratislava and some Gorilla action. On my final day I did a trip to Kosiče and back before going to Poprad-Tatry for Wizzair back to Luton, a delayed flight getting home at 02.00!
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