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Another couple of weeks wandering around Europe started with a flight to Stuttgart to get into position for the V200. 033 tour in the Schwarzwald area. I then went to Zürich and then overnight to Graz to join the Sž tour with 644.016 to Mürzzuschlag and then back to Ljubljana. As fully expected excellent sounds from the Spanka during the day. I then had a four nights in Pivka and chasing 363s and (naturally) avoiding 342s. I then moved to České Budějovice via Austria for a couple of nights using the excellent value regional tickets. Then to Praha for one night and a brand new Regiojet Traxx to Bratislava where I bought an excellent value one week "Summer ticket" for €29 for seven days. I stayed in Trnava for three nights. I then moved on to Poland for two nights at Zabrze so as usual I concentrated on the Wrocław and Opole area as this section gives nice fast runs. I did a long run north on the Saturday as a TLK was booked to do both Rzepin and Szczecin avoiding lines. After one night in Szczecin it was Ryanair back to Liverpool to end the trip
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