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A quick five day Domino in Germany to cover some of the last workings of 232s before spreading electrification takes over more routes, I flew to Düsseldorf and then three 103s to Frankfurt/M and another on D1555 to Halle. We cover the Halberstadt turn, then to Magdeburg and on to Berlin and up to Bad Kleinen to pick up D350 to Bebra for D483 to Nürnberg. Most of the day was on Kolomna power around Hof and then to München for D1561 all the way to Dresden. Had a good dose around Cottbus and then the second last through 232 on IR2352 through to Berlin. IR overnight to Hannover and then D1549 to Leipzig and another go on the Halberstadt and Goslar turns. Old faded monster 232.604 was on the Goslar circuit so two good runs on it then the Wernigerode train to Berlin and IR340 again but in a couchette this time. Woke running very late so up to Bremen and over to Leer for new 103 track south from there taken all the way to Remagen and the extended branch to Ahrbrück with 215.132. Then my first ever 101 (yuk) and then 103 to Düsseldorf and plane back home
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