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A trip to Kosovo from Germany on the IGE "Balkan Express" which was powered much of the way by former Danish Nohab MY 1125 in use with Eichholz and now wearing the super Sante Fe livery. Many photo stops and run pasts were all part of the trip. I flew to Zürich and stayed the night at Seuzach with friends and them made my way to Augsburg next day to be ready for the Nohab trip. The first day was to travel to Sopron via Nürnberg, Passau and Wien. We set off from Sopron to Vasúttörténeti Park in Budapest where 1125 joined other Nohab locos on the turntable. We then went south to Beograd via Subotica for our second night. Next day we did the long and tedious trek south to Kosovo, we had to take a bus from Zvečan / Mitrovica as there we no trains allowed over the border. Our day in Kosovo was spent going to Hani i Elezit and to Kline. The long return run then started, we arrive at Budapest three hours late at 0300, then back on train for 0825 to Augsburg to end a marathon trip! Next day I made my way to Memmingen for my flight back home
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