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A ten day trip to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia, mainly for the “Simplon Express” via the Nova Gorica - Gorizia border crossing. I flew to Nürnberg via Frankfurt/M and stayed at Marktredwitz for the first night. Next evening I made my way to Nürnberg and then with EN482/D1549 to Magdeburg and the Halle (Saale) 232 turns and then via Schweinfurt, Bamberg and Nürnberg to München for D297 to Jesenice. A DMU took me to Nova Gorica and then the main attraction with 664.116 on the diversion to Sežana and then forward to Ljubljana for a few hours and then the balancing diversion, getting 664.116 to Nova Gorica for 664.110 over the border to Gorizia. I returned into Slovenia and had a 362 to Dobova and then into Zagreb and up to Čakovec for the 664 torn on IC242, severe bowl out when I see 2063.003 come in on the front as I probably could have had it! I took 664.102 to Pragersko and on to Ljubljana to and then returned to have it again later. It was then a late night trip to Zagreb for MV240 back to Vila Opicina and then bus / local train to Monfalcone and the diversion again, this time with the FS D345s to Nova Gorica. By then I’d discovered a local hauled train running north of Nova Gorica to Bohinjska Bistrica so hung around a few hours for that! The train was older banger four wheel stock, awful ride but looked great, I returned to Hudajužna and then DMU to Jesenice, along to Zidani Most for B296 to München. I’d hoped to find the 127 active but sadly not so IC to Stuttgart and then Frankfurt/M and to Marburg to do line to Frankenberg which was hauled for first time in years. Down to Karlsruhe for D1598 to Hamburg for 103 vice ICE action south to Würzburg and some Kolomna and 212 moves before returning to friends in Marktredwitz for another night. I resumed travels after early lunch, 234 to Nürnberg and 120 to Augsburg where thankfully I find 127.001 for trip to Stuttgart and back to München for D1561 to Dresden for some diesels and then flight to Hamburg and then on to Heathrow
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