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An absolutely bargain trip to Tunisia thanks to having a £200 holiday voucher for a Thomas Cook booked holiday, meaning my total booked flight and hotel cost came to a staggering £11! We flew to Monastir and suffered the “tour” bus to the hotel in Hammamet and then we were totally o our own until the flight home. Our first day was sorting photo and depot permits out and then thankfully a nice big DN on the Ghardimaou which settled our afternoon. Then DP power back to Bir Bou Rekba and taxi to hotel. Next day DI power to either Bizerte of Mahdia, we did Bizerte as fresh air stock and then DO and cart to hotel for earlier finish. Thankfully another DI on the Mahdia next day with grubby 060-DI-57 being the power, excellent runs each way behind this brilliant MLW! Long southbound overnight to Metlaoui and then a trip up to Selja on a phosphate train and we negotiated a list all the way to Gannouch therefore getting in the big cross country freight line in the south. Another overnight in the seats back north, our DP have up at Sousse and we scored with a big DH (G26 GM) on a very rare passenger run to Tunis! We had visit to both the works and the depot by following the chief around on his moped in Tunis, a really fun day with an early finish after two nights in a row on the trains. Down to Sfax next day for another depot visit and then a late get back to the hotel again. Back home on the Sunday with DP power to Sousse Süd and then EMU to the airport and flight home
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