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Part two of my InterRail saw me head to the Nordic countries, I few to Köln and did IC1137 north to Neumünster and some strange 103 turns on all stations stoppers, a top’n’tail turn to Itzehoe worked fine. Then a 234 to Puttgarden for the boat to Rødby and carts all the way to København for some ME action and one of my last EA locos. INN282 was my overnight to Stockholm for same Rc electric moves and then NT876 to Storlien. Then the Di3 chasing started with four different and then down to Oslo overnight, a few new El18 and the then afternoon Hamar - Trondheim. Took the Di4 on NT475 to Mosjøen to Bodø for the local to and then back to Lassemoen and Di3 to Mo I Rana and the sleeper south from there. Plans changed next day as Nt405 was getting diverted via Røros on the Saturday evening so down to Oslo again and then a couple of Rc to Halden and back for Nt405 north. Very please with a pair of new Di3 via Røros on load thirteen and straight into another winner at Trondheim. Had hoped to have a Di3 from Trondheim - Dombås in the afternoon but I ended up on the turn with the Di8 leading! Overnight into Oslo and then flight back home
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