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Another trip to Spain for a 310 tour and then over to Italy with a few days in Sardinia on the way. I flew to Barcelona and then an AVE to Zaragoza. The 310 tour was over the superb diesel line to Teruel and I continued on to Valencia for a couple of nights. I did the Xàtiva branch and a few 252 moves and then up the coast to Barcelona and a blitz to Lleida for one night. I picked up the Tren Hotel from Galicia back to Barcelona with the as hoped for winning pair of 252s. Plenty of almost 200 km/h running on twenty-four Talgo carriages was a great way to start the day. I then made my way north to Maçanet-Massanes and on to Girona for my Ryanair flight to Cagliari on Sardinia. I had four nights on the island. I managed to hit was must have been a diesel shortage as numerous trains were DMU vice 445s. I did some other bits of track and then flew to Roma on the Saturday morning. I did some new track and enjoyed some comfortable IC journey over a few days. I then based myself at Paola for some travelling in that area and the south to Villa San Giovanni and over on the train ferry for a long overdue visit to Sicily and especially good to sample the big Bo-Bo-Bo 656 electrics while they were still in charge of the IC work on the island. Flew back home from Palermo after a few days
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