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I started a 15 day in two month InterRail with a flight to Bratislava and a night there and then to Wien and a few days enjoying comfortable travelling on ÖBB, due to the holidays it was a much reduced local service on all routes. I stayed in Linz a few stops on the tram in the Ibis Styles. Picked up a few new 1116 and then headed to Zürich and a “Lion” up to Koblenz and then via Basel and on to Strasbourg for one night. Main target were four “Fret” Sybics that are with GrandEst until end of the year. I got one on the first night and two more next day but had to suffer DB ICE to Paris, would much rather have had a TGV. But it did the job and I got two more of the target locos. Took 15063 into Paris next morning and over to Bercy where another “Fret” Sybic was out, but only short term and I managed a couple of normal Sybic winners also and then back to Paris. Fast TGV to Bordeaux next morning and picked up 22343 on the Marseille circuit and then a leap on the Bayonne circuit. It went wrong at Tarbes as I missed last train back to Toulouse so bag and I had separate hotels. Cart back to Toulouse next morning and then thankfully required 7282 was on the correct turn which I did all the way to Bayonne and then TGV to Hendaye. I then started using pre booked web tickets getting some good deals in Spain as the “Tarjeda Dorada” (over 60) gets me good deals. I took the “Lucy” to Vitoria for one night. Next day I did the IC (Arco) all the way to A Coruña with excellent thrash off 334.010 from Ourense - A Coruña. I had another run with it next day and then went to Vigo-Guixar and back to A Coruña from Vigo Urzaiz. Took 334.007 on the Tren Hotel to Monforte de Lemos but really load A/C on the Talgo 7 stock s I heard almost nothing despite being right at front. Big 333.406 to Redondela next morning and then 252 to Guillarei and DMU to Porto and then I picked up two of my four 5600s and went to Braga for my one night stay. IC direct to Lisboa next day, load eight from Braga, plus three more from Contumil making an excellent load eleven. The Faro IC connection was held and winner 5611 was taken, but as no ticket I bailed off at Entrecampos where I bought a three day local CP ticket. Took 5610 to Évora for my two night stay in the Ibis quite a hard walk to hotel with cobbled pavements the whole way! Found easier way back next morning. Took 5618 up to Coimbra-B and choice of two IC back, picked the later one which I got bang on with 5605 and 5616 which was my last passenger sector one! I managed to do the earlier train back to the hotel. 5610 to Lisboa again next day and after 5619 to Pragal I did EMU to Lisboa Rossio and then Sintra and finally an IC all the way south to Faro. One night there and then Ryanair back to Birmingham
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