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Another eight day trip wandering round Europe on some cheap tickets and some bargain summer tickets, I went to St Pancras for Eurostar to Bruxelles. I was delighted to finally catch up with “spare” Eurostar power car 3999 on my train. The refurbished train was extremely comfortable and a vastly smoother ride that the awful Siemens rubbish. I skip stopped my way across Belgium and managed one of my remaining 1800s in the process. I had one night in Aachen and then used IC2222 to get me to Hannover. It did a few bits of unit only line but very little freight track. I broke my journey along the way at Hannover, Braunschweig, Magdeburg and Leipzig before arriving in Dresden and then an EC with a Vectron to Praha for one night. Next morning I started the long slog all the way to Warszawa with the intention of getting EIC40 with 193.626 while it was working. I was therefore unimpressed when an EP09 rolled in. I followed it to Kutno as I knew EP08-001 was coming in and I’d never had a good long run with it. I was going to try next morning for the Vectron again but had info it wasn’t out so I went straight to Kraków, a dud Cargo one was on the Zakopane so I just did moves east of Kraków before staying at Przemysl for the night. Early summer only DMU south to Medzilaborce and then Humenné and on to Košice for a couple of hours. I returned to Humenné for my hotel for the next three nights. I returned to Kosice and then along main line to Spišské Vlachy and did the summer only branch to Spišské Podhradie on a private “wheely bin”. Then on to Spišská Nová Ves and trains were running just for this one weekend for the pilgrimage at Levoča. Once that was done I then went to Štrba for an hour, then back to Košice and to Humenné. Early start on the Monday morning as there is now a booked hauled turn to Stakčín which looks to be a regular turn, so very please to get it done whilst in the area. Once in Košice I did a run out on the main line to Spišská Nová Ves and back. The a 757 to Bánovce nad Ondavou to do the recently re-opened line to Veľké Kapušany. My final night in Humenné and back to Kosice next morning and after a trip to Kysak a nice cheap (€0.60) ride to the airport
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