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Another couple of weeks wandering around EU on a combination of tickets, first move was Eurostar to Paris and then web tickets to Le Havre for one night. The next two days were on one of the bargain Normandie ticket and we did very well with good 15000 action to Trouville-Deauville and on the Sunday to Cherbourg also. Back to Paris on the Monday morning and I made my way to Belgium and the start of a Global InterRail staying in Antwerpen one night. I easily got my last NS 186.0 as I passed through NS and did a couple of 1700 moves at Zwolle as the outbound Berlin IC trains were stopping there at this time. I ended up in Düsseldorf for one night. After a quick Flix Vectron move and 145.088 I took EC9 all the way to Basel and then on to Dijon with TER200 to Mulhouse and Lyria TGV. Once checked in at Dijon Ibis I did 7244 to Chalon-sur-Saône for 22392 back in. Nice long leap to Lyon next morning and finally got hold of stubborn 7239 which was my last one on this circuit. As required Fret “load” loco 26215 was down to work in the Paris next day I positioned myself in Dormans for a night. Got my target ok and then went up the coast getting two winner 67400 in the process. I then checked into the usual Ibis Budget at Parc de Bercy. Two days out on weekend ECO tickets next, the Saturday was a round trip to Le Croisic and the Sunday to La Rochelle. I returned to Belgium and NS on the Monday and picked up two NS hired in Traxx loco which were both on very easy to get diagrams. I stayed in Osnabrück and managed my last 101 next morning and then straight to Berlin and on to PKP staying in Gniezno for one night. After getting the MRCE Vectron on EC41 I went to Zbąszynek and then to Gorzów Wielkopolski for the long diesel run north east to Tczew where I stayed to nights. After a morning trip to Hel and back I then went to Skowarcz for a couple of hours taking photos. Up to Gdynia next morning for the Taurus back to Poznan and then a quick trip to Zielona Góra and then finally one of my last two 370s before heading to Berlin. A dash over to Zwolle next morning for a very rare chance of a NS 1700 to Groningen but incredible bad luck say only the first train of an all day diagram work, a disaster day! Ended up in Hannover and then to Hamburg Hbf and the 218 via Ferhman-Burg to Puttgarden. Bad late running in the evening meant a lot of hanging around, but did make it to Kiel with the CD Vectron turn. Same loco out next morning, 218 power to Husum and back and the another DB farce and loads late running and ending up in Düsseldorf for my final night. Into Belgium again and none of my 1800s around so a long day and the nice 373 run back to London and home
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